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You may be familiar with MediaWorks Resource Group through our award-winning media training, developed by our Founder and Principal, veteran network news reporter Mark Bernheimer.

MediaWorks’ presentation training clients enjoy the same culture of uncompromising professionalism, supportive expertise, hands-on training with top-tier communications experts, and unparalleled support once training day has come and gone.

MediaWorks is an innovative communications training and consulting firm providing live, industry-leading coaching for executives, subject matter experts, and professional communicators. With deep expertise in presentation training, media training, and crisis consulting, MediaWorks is an essential partner for powerful communication strategies.

Mark Bernheimer

Founder and Principal

mark bernheimer

Since founding MediaWorks Resource Group in 2001, Mark Bernheimer has been empowering clients with the skills and strategies to deliver their messages clearly and memorably.

Mark has trained thousands of clients ranging from corporate communications officers to C-suite executives, from professional athletes to Hollywood celebrities, and from police chiefs to congressional candidates.

Mark calls upon 16 years of journalism experience as the bedrock of his training approach. He spent the latter part of his reporting career as a national correspondent for CNN, assigned to the Los Angeles Bureau.

Beyond CNN, Mark was a reporter for KCAL Channel 9 in Los Angeles and a freelance contributor to the Orange County Register. As a correspondent for the National Geographic Channel, he introduced viewers to an ancient ocean of fossils unearthed by the Los Angeles subway construction project.

Fresh from those experiences, Mark founded MediaWorks with a mission of teaching clients to “cut through the clutter” with profoundly successful media and general communication strategies.

Mark is frequently called upon as a keynote speaker for public relations associations and other professional groups, and he is a contributing columnist for PRSA’s Strategies and Tactics publication.

Born in New York City and raised in Southern California, he is a graduate of the University of Oregon.

Nina Irani Surya

Speech & Leadership Coach

Nina Irani

Nina Irani Surya is a speech and leadership coach with an international reputation that has helped her become the “coach to the coaches.”

She has over 25 years of experience working with C-suite and high-level executives in Fortune 500 firms, politicians, and public figures in the entertainment industry.

As CEO of UniqueSpeak Consulting, Nina specializes in integrating cutting edge neurological findings with time proven communication techniques to create a hybrid of high performance in all levels of presentation, communication and leadership. Her methodology incorporates neuro-economics pioneered at institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Princeton and Stanford Universities.

As creator of the acclaimed “Ground of Being”™ methodology, Nina has taught numerous coaches and consultants the techniques for which she has become known globally. She has led programs in 23 countries on 5 continents, and has guest lectured around the world on topics related to communication, leadership, and brand delivery.