Prior to Training Day

  • Extensive research on you and your industry
  • Consultation and assessment of your specific training needs and goals
  • Clip review of any previous presentations
  • Preparation instructions, including how to maximize your live training session

Training Day

  • Printed training collateral developed by MediaWorks
  • Orientation with relevant video examples
  • Personalized consultation and on-camera critique
  • Review of technical aspects of public speaking, including voice, movement, mannerisms, and more

After Training Day

  • Video files of your on-camera presentation drills
  • Written follow-up report and customized tip sheet
  • Review/critique of a presentation recorded after the training

Session Options

Private (1-on-1) Training

One-on-one training sessions afford maximum personalized attention in a private learning environment. These half-day sessions are ideal for thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, or corporate executives who wish to be trained separately from their staffs.

Session Length
3 hours

Half-Day Group Training

For two or three participants, half-day group training offers the best of both worlds: highly personalized training with a team dynamic.

Session Length
3 hours

Full-Day Group Training

Our full-day group sessions offer the greatest flexibility at the most cost-effective rate. We can train everyone together as a team or, if scheduling is a challenge, divide the day into smaller sessions so that no single participant needs to break away for the full six hours.

Session Length
6 hours